We feel honoured that you visit our site.

We are a "leonberger dogomaniac" family. Our story is simple: we met the Leonberger, and we fell in love. Currently we have two leos, one husky and one dachshund mix living with us as family members, we are very happy together. We don't belong to the "Big Breeders", it is not our intention anyway, but since the destiny guided us Isis, the successful leo both in Hungary and abroad, we would like to present her to you via our website.

One day we would like to have puppies from her, of course, this is why we are currently looking for her 'husband'. Please check back later, maybe we have found the 'one'. :)

In the meantime, please have a look around our site, we do hope you'll find many interesting things on it.

Mr. and Mrs. Béla Adamek